Traveling for Women

I am an avid world traveler. From Asia to Europe and Australia up to America, I love going places and discovering more. But before going out, I need to be equipped with a lot of things. Things like packing a bag, and how I can make it light and all. I stumbled upon this video where it talks about the apps you should download when you are about to travel.

This video is very important to me. It came when I need help on packing things, looking for accommodations, and even booking trips in the most convenient way. I also searched all these apps in the app store, and I was glad they appeared easily in the feed, probably because they were all used with app store optimization or ASO. I also love that they have these easy to browse and navigate features, which saves me more time for other things in the list before I go.

Not on the list is Waze, Airbnb, Hotel Quickly for abrupt booking, and Trivago, a hotel booking site. But for me, they should be added! Hmmm. Probably I will make my own video when I get the time!

I will have a trip to Argentina next year and I can’t get any excited about my travel there. For two months I will volunteer in a charity house for abandoned kids. Then, I will move to climb in Machu Pichu, a destination that I have been dreaming about since I started to travel. At last, this dream will soon come true! While ┬ádoing this, I will be working at night as a freelance writer for a blog of website builder, which is really suitable for my digital nomad lifestyle.

How about you? Do you plan to download these websites as well? Or do you have other apps in mind you might want to share to me? Please let me know in the comments below or email me. You’ll see my email in my contact page.



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