Taking a break from work

I recently bought Adirondack chairs for our house. I bought four chairs—two for the garden and another two beside the pool. I just bought them a month ago and I am loving every bit of it.

When me and my friends we lounging by the garden side as we sip our coffee, I loved how I felt really at peace while sitting there. I gave me the relaxing feeling I have been yearning for a month now because I have been stressed by my current job.

As you know I am working in an insurance company as a sales manager and if you know the atmosphere of sales people when the cut off is nearing. Everyone goes stressed out! I know I have been very stressed with work and I need a break. However, my boss did not want me to have a break, I actually filed for a one week leave but he did not agree with it. He said I can take a break for two days. So how can I have rest and relaxation in two days? I was really aching to hit the beach but it will be six hour drive from where I live.

My pals Samantha and George were here to rescue me. They said we can just have a staycation in my place, and here we are, spending our afternoon together while sipping tea.

Early this morning we had a massage after we went  for shopping. I shopped for a new pair of lingerie and got my nails done. Sam and George also had theirs and we talked about our respective careers, love life, and personal lives.

Sam and George are my high school friends. Sam is currently taking up a Masters degree in Business Administration while George is a mum of two.

We usually see each other twice a month but it got down to one since I started working in the sales force. I was quite busy and they were too so we just adjust our schedules.

And I really love this time now. I mean, what I am feeling right now is very relaxing and I get to relax my mind a little. I get to sort out things.

While I am sitting right here in this chair, I thought leaving my current work. What I really want is to go back to schooling and pursue entrepreneurship. I need to build my own business and not really on other people.

However, I still need to save up so I can have my own business. Two to three years from now maybe. I just keep on praying and hoping. Right now, I know the rest I got somehow gave me more energy to stand up again and face my workplace in a positive note. I will return with more willingness and more determination to do hard work so I can be more ready if I have a business on my own.

Really, thankyou to Samantha and George for always being there for me when I need them. Love you guys!



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