Should I Get A VR Device?

I was having coffee with a fellow blogger, a freelance writer and content creator who I jive with in all sorts of ways. Her and I are always getting together and comparing our creative process, and talking about things that have nothing to do with blogging into content creation at all. Things about life that we also happen to have in common that have nothing to do with this common interests and hobby and professional Outlet. It’s funny how that happens, have sometimes you forget that people that have the same interests as us also have a similar experience. A lot of the other bloggers I know or nothing like me, so I forget that there are a lot of bloggers that are very much like me. As much as we have a lot in common with people who do similar things as us, we also have a lot in common sometimes with people that do very different things than us.

It’s the strange spectrum of humanity that some of the people I know that are personally most similar to me are doctors, and I could never be a doctor, and some are lawyers and I could never even dream of going through law school. It’s a funny happenstance. Anyway, my friend and I were having a coffee and chatting, and she was telling me how much the inclusion of 360 camera content has revolutionized her experience as a blogger. This is the  best 360 camera for me.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never even considered engaging with these Technologies, but she said that it was a total game-changer in that if I don’t start doing it I may get left behind, because people always adapt to the things that make a more interesting and optimal experience for them. It makes a lot of sense. More and more, a flat, two-dimensional, still photo is becoming less and less exciting to new generations who are totally accustomed to seeing moving screens all the time. Whether it’s something that carry in their pocket, or it’s something they watch on an exterior screen, people now demand movement in there images. Specifically, with virtual reality, people want to see every aspect of a thing rather than just the one you choose to show them. People will become more and more accustomed to this, not less and less. But there will probably always be a market for two-dimensional photos, but soon it may be rather anachronistic.

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