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As you know, this blog is all about empowering.

My life, I think, is all about empowering other women to do the things that they want and need to do to live a fulfilling life that fills them with joy and beauty.

Since I started writing this blog, a lot of women have told me how much they Envy the fact that I have the courage to put myself out there, and others have said that they would love to do it too but they don’t know how. So, I have made a part of my mission to explain what it’s like to write a blog and publish these types of articles on my own independent platform. I hope to inspire all sorts of women to do the same, so that they can share their perspective and their experiences with the World At Large. That’s what I think my life is about.

So, I’m going to begin this journey by talking about certain elements about reading blogs. I’m not going to teach you how to write, because everybody knows how to write already. Writing is as natural as breathing or speaking period how you tell your story is up to you, just like how I tell mine is up to me. However, there are some elements of writing and managing a Blog that are not so nurturing and fulfilling.

To be honest, some elements of the block are just annoying and frustrating. It’s not all revitalizing and rejuvenating, some of it is just straight-up work one of these elements that, until very recently, was proving to be a consistent thorn in my spiritual side was sourcing stock photographs that I thought were appropriate for the types of articles that I was writing.

I struggled with the juxtaposition of my most insightful, emotional, spiritual, and personal words being combined with a generalized image that meant nothing to me and had nothing to do with me. It wasn’t just this, but it was the fact that I didn’t even like the images that were available to me. I thought that they served my words poorly.

As far as stock images go, I have my current solution, and it is considerably better than the other ones that I was using previously. That website is EyeEm and so far it has been a godsend. The Stock Photos on here are much more wide-ranging and artistic than the ones I found on other sites, and they specifically suit the themes and words that I am searching for. So, if you’re looking to start a blog, this is where I would send you for your stock images.

If I have any more tips, I will let you know.


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