Motherhood Tips: A Great Baby Monitor

As you know, I am a mother who loves everything about motherhood. Everything. Even the hard Parts. I think that motherhood is the most pure and Noble trial that has ever existed for humans, and I think that, as a woman, nothing is as complete as the feeling of mothering another human being and aiding their growth on every step of their life. What could be more human? What could be more beautiful? However, as I say, there are lots of difficulties and complications that come along with motherhood as well.

For these, I don’t think we should I away from Progressive solutions that help us in our journey. Suffering does not make the journey richer, though it doesn’t necessarily make it worse, if it can be avoided in the little Parts, this will make our life significantly better and will help us cultivate motherhood positivity in a totally sustainable way. Example, sometimes there are products that make things easier for us. For new mothers with babies, one of these products I have recently discovered.

It is called the Comfort Cam and it is a WiFi baby monitor. Now, I’d be lying if I was saying that, when my baby wants to sleep in his crib, that I am not immediately on the couch, feet up, looking at my phone. Often, I’ll have some Netflix program on the television, while I flip around on Facebook and Pinterest and other apps and sites of my fancy. These moments are totally necessary. With my old baby monitor, I also had to have a separate screen near me at these times, just to make sure that my baby wasn’t getting up to anything dangerous and that everything was normal and safe.

Now, with this new product, I can actually just download an app onto my phone or my tablet. From here, I can just press the app, and the new camera that I have installed on my baby’s crib will send the video feed of my baby’s crib to me using wireless internet technology. What a world! Honestly, the peace of mind that I gain from being able to quickly check the app, and then when I know everything is ok, switch back to Facebook, totally alleviate any of the guilt I sometimes feel for wasting time on social media, youtube, pinterest Etc. So, obviously, I recommend this to you, fellow mothers. It’s working for me, and I have high standards when it comes to Motherhood products.

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