Modern Retro Home Eames Era Decorating Ideas

Modern Retro Home Decorating Ideas
This article is going to discuss some general basic guidelines, ideas and tips to consider if you want to decorate an Eames era, retro, mid century modern home. The first step in the decorating process is to define how you want your home to feel when you walk in to it and how do you want it to look. A home is a person’s refuge. It is to be the place a they can go to refresh, to reenergize and to decompress.

To reach these goals for a home, one needs to think about the colors, textures and patterns they plan to use when decorating their Eames era, retro modern home. In addition, it is important to think about scale and balance in the decorating process. When developing a decorating plan for an Eames era, retro modern home, the plan must ensure there is a good fit with the personalities of the people who live in the home

Modern Retro Home Decorating Ideas: The Color Explosion of Peter Max

The Eames era, mid century, retro, modern era offered people the opportunity to play with wild colors, textures and patterns. Take Peter Max, for example; he is probably one of the most famous artists from the retro, modern period and has become a genuine pop culture icon. Peter Max was not afraid to use bold colors and a variety of mediums and themes in his work.

Six presidents of the United States requested work from Peter Max and his art resides in both Presidential Libraries and U.S. Embassies. Max’s art has been organized into specific categories based on the style he was painting. These periods are: The Graphic Arts Period 1962-1964, The Collage Period: 1964-1967 and The Peter Max Poster Revolution and Peter Max’s Cosmic ’60s. Decorating a mid century, retro home, that focuses of bold colors and large social and political statement, is a good place to hang a Peter Max original or print.

Modern Retro Home Decorating Ideas: The Subtlety, Style and Ingenuity of the Eames Duo

On the other end of the color spectrum, during the mid century, retro modern era, are many great designers who left their mark on the world. The goal or vision of these designers was to design and create homes, furniture and home accents that focused on clean lines, was dedicated to functionality and used unique materials and processes.

Ray and Charles Eames stand at the top of the list for retro, modern home and furniture design. A husband and wife team, Charles and Ray were featured in the Arts and Architecture magazine in the late 1940s. The article called “Case Study” was about their ground breaking home which became known as the “Eames Home.”

The Eames’ home was located on a cliff which looked out and over the Pacific Ocean. What was fascinating about the “Eames Home” was that it was totally constructed of pre-fabricated steel parts. The Eames’ broke away from traditional home design by using parts which were meant to be used for industrial construction. This break from traditional home construction continues to be a developmental milestone is the evolution of modern design.

Modern Retro Home Decorating Ideas

Peter Max and Ray and Charles Eames are retro, mid century modern artists and designers who took different approaches to social and political expression in their chosen fields. One of the messages that can be gleaned from understanding the works of these innovators of the retro, mid century period, is that anything goes. Decorating a modern home is a matter of personal choice and one of the choices is that it is OK to break from tradition.

Another message that can be understood from this retro, modern home decorating period is that a home is a statement of the owners and inhabitants personality. Everyone, with their unique personality style, can live in a retro, modern home that screams their style quietly or outrageously.

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