Is an Adventure Vacation for You?

How was your last vacation? I know it wasn’t long enough. But other than that, was it a vacation you will remember for the rest of your life? As I look back over the fifty plus vacations I have taken during my life, the ones that stand out are the ones that could have the word adventure used to describe them.
It is easy to plan a vacation for relaxation. Now, I have nothing against relaxation, I take it every chance I get. You can find a spot you like and make your reservation to kick back and recharge your battery. But more and more individuals and families are choosing a more vigorous style of vacation. Anything from a week end to a month can be used to reinvigorate you and your life. Many times these types of vacations can actually change your life.

Your choices are limited only to your imagination and your pocketbook. The ideal adventure vacation should be a combination of excitement, learning and fulfillment. Some choose vacations that will test their limits. Others like to try things they have never tried before. I know one couple that enjoys serving others by volunteering to build Habitat For Humanity houses. They have been able to transfer what they learned to improving their own home.


You can go online to search for blogs of others that have opted for this style vacation. If you like old style paper books I suggest an unusual book by the name of “New Boy” by Herb Peyton. Herb Peyton is the founder of Gate Petroleum which he started from one small gas station. His book “New Boy” tells his life story from being the new boy in several schools growing up to a multi millionaire. Part of the book details his annual “vacation” into very difficult places and how he got himself back to civilization.

Your adventure vacation does not need to be that over the top. You can start with a week end get away and work up to a longer and more involved vacation. If you plan an adventure that will stretch unused muscles you should train in the weeks before you set out. If you are looking for something easy on your budget consider camping or volunteering in an area of your interest.

Recently I took a vacation to work on a real working vegetable farm. In exchange for part of my room and board I dug dirt, planted seeds, started a compost pile and assisted in the hundred and one things that must be done daily on a farm. My recently purchased tactical flashlight amazon was also a great help for me. Not only did I learn about gardening but it helped me lose weight and I felt like I was helping the planet. So, use this time of being housebound during the winter to plan that vacation you will talk about the rest of your life.

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