Good photography skill you should learn

There are so many people who complain about photo filter technology in the fact that you can edit on the spot, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. In my mind, as a matter of fact, I don’t see this as being a bad thing at all. Sure, some people will post photos with crudely placed filters. That is the worst thing that’s going to happen. There has always been bad photography. Without the existence of bad or inadequate, or simply mediocre photography, just like any other craft, art, or disciplined, there is not good photography. If there isn’t a huge base of work for the best stuff to be compared to, how do you know what the best is? In my opinion, being snobby and pretentious about something as trivial as the presence of a photo filter is the sign of immaturity in a photographer. It is also a sign of fear and inadequacy. Yes, photographers that are elitist about this kind of thing are generally just afraid, in my opinion, because I don’t know how to embrace a new trend within the thing that they Pride themselves on knowing everything about. Yes, most issues could be resolved in this way, but if people can simply set aside their egos, and the fact that they have to spend x amount of dollars on this type of thing in the past and now all of the entitled Millennials get to just lay on a photo filter and call themselves professionals, and other such cynical messages, then some real progress could be ignited and then even more could be made. Isn’t that a promising idea for the future?

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