Empower Women to Be Healthy

When I created this blog, I aim to empower women about being healthy. I know a lot of women today get insecurities in the social media. Their self-esteem peaks at its lowest when they see stunning models who walk the runway with their flat and taut tummy and long pins.

Women also get insecure over selfies, body photos, and travel trips on Instagram feeds. In short, women’s confidence is greatly affected by what the media shows.

Being yoga teacher for almost ten years now, I want to reach out to women, especially those in the younger age who are mostly immersed on social media, that there is more to being beautiful.

While it is important to look and feel good, what’s more vital is to have a healthy body, which can only be attained if one focuses on being healthy than looking pretty.

When you are healthy your glow will radiant from within, making you more confident of yourself.

Let’s all be empowered!

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