America vs Canada: Amazon Prime review

How much is amazon prime canada? Well, that’s a good question, generally it’s about $79 annually. So, for $79 you’re getting really fast delivery on online shopping orders, and the shipping is actually free. Now I know that’s a bit of an illusion, but as you are paying $79 a year so you can’t really say that it’s free, but it becomes free if you do a certain amount of ordering, or if to use any other combination of the services that would generally cost money. You see, with this as well, you do get free shipping, and then you also get Amazon photos, which is a bunch of cloud storage that can be used for photos and videos, you get air Early Access to all sorts of deals, which is really important, because you’ll make money back that way, and you even get a streaming service that is very similar to Netflix. Now, we didn’t use to get that here in Canada, and I think some of the resistance to Amazon Prime with form because at first we could look at all this whole list of what America got compared to what we got and we would get a bit envious and annoyed. That’s my impression, at least. So, what do we get in Canada, well we have always gotten the faster Livery come with the free shipping the Amazon photos, and there early access to the details, but we have also gained access to the streaming, and there was a whole list of things that America got at the beginning of Amazon Prime that Canada did not, and a lot of that is being amended or on the way to being amended. For example, we don’t have free same-day delivery yet, but Amazon is increasing their investment in Canada, and I would not be surprised if free same-day delivery and made its way over here anyway, eventually, as it does not even fully implemented in the United States yet.

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