A Cancer Survivor’s Tale

Juju supply makes my life better, and those of so many others. The fact that I can do this very often for people that I care about does make my life incredibly more useful and make me feel very good about myself. I love this feeling. And I love that this website, and this store, gives me the opportunity to feel This Feeling, by giving people the gifts that I find on juju.com. Juju is actually just such a good website, and it was made by a cancer survivor who was inspired by her own Journey. It’s so inspiring. The Survivor someone named , well there’s a few survivors actually, and one of them is Molly guy. Molly guy is somebody whose creativity has been Lindt to Juju, and who it has credibility as a designer and a creative person all over the world. She loves that this website exist, and she wears pendants all the time. Yes Juju supply has some very high-profile collaborators, supporters, and people who wear the their objects. You know, when it comes to material things, the fact that I am endorsing a store that sells them becomes too begins to feel quite counterintuitive from time to time. It feels counterintuitive only because I think that we should be less attached to material objects in our existence, and this is what actually one of the keys to happiness that humans are really missing out on a lot of the time. However, although this is true, I can’t help but say that some objects can carry a lot of practical benefits, and a lot of spiritual meaning.

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